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During this year I am taking up a challenge to post a photo a day on this blog. I am a beginner photographer hoping to learn much about my camera and how to take photos.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 January - White Froth

A friend asked me to sew tape onto some curtains for her. If there's one thing I hate working with it's curtains! I always manage to get them to hang crooked. However I couldn't think of a kind way to refuse so I agreed to do the job. It's been hanging over me for the past three days and I keep putting it off.

Today I decided I would get it behind me. The job wasn't so difficult, just awkward. Here is a photo of the work in progress. Then as I sewed, the white frothy material reminded me of my daughter's wedding three years ago today. They are about to become parents for the first time and I was thinking of lovely white baby clothes and blankets. Before I knew it the job was done. Thank you friend for the privilege of sewing your curtains and for the memories and expectations they brought to my day.

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