Welcome to my 2010 photo blog.

During this year I am taking up a challenge to post a photo a day on this blog. I am a beginner photographer hoping to learn much about my camera and how to take photos.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 January 2010 - Life and Death

The photo I posted for yesterday was more a spur of the moment fun photo that I had taken before I decided to take up the challenge. I liked it because it tells a story of what could happen.... However there is no artistic value in it.

Today we bought a new camera. A Canon Power Shot SX20 IS. It's really a big step up for us and yet still simple enough for a beginner such as myself to operate. I anticipate a steep learning curve ahead.

My photo today is from my small vegetable patch. We are in the grip of a drought and the fact that anything survives is amazing. These little tomatoes seeded themselves from our compost pit. They're really delicious.

I've called my posting "Life and Death" because the photo shows dead leaves, green leaves, ripe tomatoes and green tomatoes. There are contrasts here which I enjoy. Now I'm off to make a salad......

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