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During this year I am taking up a challenge to post a photo a day on this blog. I am a beginner photographer hoping to learn much about my camera and how to take photos.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The end of Summer

Today was the last day with Linda and Nicholas. We went to Sunday's River Valley to see my Dad in his home for Alzheimer's patients. The home is beautiful and the garden is awesome - not like an institution at all. Those of us who visit parents and loved ones there come away feeling uplifted by the serenity of the place.

My photo today speaks of the end of summer, of a visit, of a life. The edges of the petals of this flower are slightly wilted and in a few days it will be no more.

We've had a long, hot summer but during the past week there has been that slight chill in the air at times. The flower also symbolizes the end of a visit from our daughter and grandson. And the wilting flower also symbolizes the end of a life. The people at Heartfelt are also wilting in their life. The home is for people with Alzheimers disease. Their life at Heartfelt is as good as it can be under the circumstances. They are well cared for, contented and mostly peaceful in their daily lives. 

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