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During this year I am taking up a challenge to post a photo a day on this blog. I am a beginner photographer hoping to learn much about my camera and how to take photos.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Special Chocolate at Special Price

This morning we took the opportunity of a day off to go and shop for all the non-perishable stuff we need for our trip to Tanzania in June. There's still two months to go but it's not often one gets the opportunity to shop without pressures of time. We had a leisurely time finding all the items on our list which we drew up on our drive to see Dad on Saturday.

One bonus was to find out that our favourite chocolate, dark variety, was on a very good special today. We bought some for the trip and some to sustain us until we leave. We will try not to eat it all before we go.... LOL.
Planning and packing is going well right now. We first listed everything we thought we'll need. We then reviewed the list and edited it. Now we are starting to put stuff together. Some years ago we bought some great plastic crates which we are using and organising items for similar purposes together. We even wrote on the top of the cans so the contents can be easily identified in the container without having to lift each individual can. Hmmmm better check Mark packed that can opener....

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