Welcome to my 2010 photo blog.

During this year I am taking up a challenge to post a photo a day on this blog. I am a beginner photographer hoping to learn much about my camera and how to take photos.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Full Blown and Framed

Today was one of those days when I had no idea what I was going to photograph. I wandered into the garden knowing I probably wouldn't find any insects and there aren't any interesting blooms right now.......

I started taking photos of this old window frame on the side of our garage. The frame is on the list of things to deal with in our old house. I was enjoying the lines and the angles and the textures and then I had the idea to go and fetch a rose in a bottle from the kitchen table. The rose is past its prime but I think the effect of the contrasts makes an exciting shot. Sometimes I surprise myself. :-) 

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